Our App Vision for the mobile space

For EnziSoft produced software we have a shared vision of what software should be and should not be.

We dislike the phrase, "It's free, so you're the product". Quality software takes time and effort which, for the future, has the need to be compensated with other revenue models like ads and selling of personal information.

But there's a stark reality to what you'll find in any mobile app store. Game titles are tailored to SEO and their respective algorithm for "better" rankings. Ads are shoved into every interaction that keeps the flow of our mind distracted and in a place where learning gets harder because you can't concentrate on one thing.

This is true for adults and especially for younger minds who don't have the mental capability, yet, to ignore most of the information that flickers over our screens and we wonder why holding focus for a longer period is so hard today. With all the distraction it's nearly impossible to learn "being focused".

In our research of kid friendly games we found an app that advertised a website for buying gold! This game was targeted, in it's own title, for kids 4-6! And to some extent, it's not even the developers fault. The laws in which we have to carefully move around, this is deemed as okay because it's not using your unique and integrated device or advertiser ID.

The problem and laws around it is detail oriented though, ignoring the bigger picture that we have left our sovereignty to not always watch or hear ads in the first place.

Even though our app is just a blip in the market we want ourselves to be heard, so we are taking a stand starting with "Math Mover".

Math Mover will be free of ads and sending of PII! (personally identifiable information).

It's still a free product but it'll be restricted to a 3 day trial period where the app can be experienced in all its glory. After the trial period the game will be locked and only be unlocked with purchasing the full version.
Implementing this, we have made efforts that this process also doesn't send any personal data to keep our apps as clean as possibly.

We think that the trial & unlock model, which is actually one of the oldest model in the software space, is the most fair attribution that we can make in this world of mobile apps.

We hope you share this vision with ours and are able to support us and fellow developers with the same mindset. Only our continued contribution against what is normal today can change the world and the future for the better.

That path starts with the developers and you, dear reader.

Thank you for your attention!


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