3rd Person Camera 1.0.4 (beta)

3rd Person Camera 1.0.4

This 3rd Person Camera for Unity uses advanced features to ease the problems for content creators and players.
Be it freeform, auto following or locking on targets. This asset is the ultimate package to get you started on developing games, not camera systems.

- Collision Sensitivity:
A spherical collision algorithm makes sure the camera doesn't clip into any geometry.
- Smart Pivot:
Sets a pivot point when the camera is hitting the ground while looking up and prevents the character from blocking the view.
- Occlusion Checking:
Automatically reposition the camera when the character is blocked by an obstacle.
- Thickness Checking:
Thickness checking can be configured to ignore smaller obstacles like sticks, trees, etc... to not reposition or zoom in the camera.
- Controller support

It also has no other script dependencies, is easy to configure and has great extend-ability with it's clean written C# code.

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Controls for demos:
- WASD for movement
- Left/right click to rotate in freeform demo
- Right click, lock on target in target demo
- "r" key to reset car in follow demo
- Q/E rotates camera 90 degrees in Ball demo

Version History
- added smart DisableFollow script to utilize FreeForm + Follow
- added Ball demo scene
- added simple BallController script
- added namespace to scripts
- improved smart pivot transition from sloped surfaces
- improved smoothness of alignToSlopes feature
- improved camera when offset clips into geometry
- restored Ethan crouch animation
- removed Ethan air->ground crouch animation
- Unity 5.3 cursor locking (buggy - see known issues)
- improved smart pivot
- improved thickness check
- added follow mode - added target mode 1.0.2
- changed collision sensitivity to be spherical
- removed camera position/rotation initialization, editor values are now taken
- improved smart pivoting and smart pivoting start/resets
- improved detection algorithm when multiple raycasts are hit
- added terrain to demoscene
- added RotateTo public method
- added x/y, playerCollision, Distance public get or/and set

- improved thickness checking
- improved smart pivoting on slopes
- added collision distance to improve clipping occurrences
- added automatic mouse cursor locking when looking around (currently unstable in WebGL)
- added interface handling to demo scene
- changed sensitivity handling
- removed unnecessary files
- added a script only package

- initial release

Known WebGL issues:
- Cursor lock is only activated when pressing any key - mouse only, still leaves the game screen
- Movement controller from the Standard Assets is choppy when making sudden turns. (Unrelated to camera)

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