😇🌟 Math Mover, the happiest and most unique math-experience - for kids and adults too! 🌈

Can't motivate yourself to practice math? Sick of all the boring and grey math-frustration?

We will get you out of there and create a whole new math-experience!

Practice math easy in a happy and peaceful environment. Dive into a magical world of operations and digits, surrounded by colourful impressions and happy sounds.

Choose between the 4 basic calculation types. You can either select a number between 1 and 9 or start with all of them!

Already a more experienced math-riddler? You can choose up to 16 levels with increasing difficulties for satisfying results.

Want even more challenge? Try the Arcade-Mode, you can start with "easy" and build up your grey matter up to "hard". A merciless timer will precisely challenge you to the bone!

The more experienced you get, the more magical backgrounds and artwork will comfort your math-immersion.

Life and math can be hard enough, we have chosen some enjoyable and catchy tunes which might let you rock your feet a little bit. 😃

Get it NOW!


For support or questions about the app please send an email to: enzisoft@gmail.com

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